Hello there.


I'm Kristine Arellano, born and raised in Los Angeles.
Find me in front a machine with the glow of my computer designing a print, WALKING AROUND MY NEIGHBOOd looking for inspiration or manning a 60-something year old
cast iron printing press.

After learning the craft of letterpress printing in Germany, I strive to bring this age-old method into our present time - a time when a simple greeting card, a scribble on a napkin or a business card say so much. I still get excited after pulling the first print of a design from the press.  It's the moment when a design transforms from a digital file onto a piece of  thick, cotton paper. That part never gets old.


Want to know more?

There's video! 

(2014) NUHR Studio created this short video showing the process of creating her business cards.
(2012) A few years back Emma Dime and Wade Koch teamed up and for a studio tour. The house was still in framing, Bagel was still a puppy and I only had one press at the time.
Sit back, relax and enjoy!


Why "haus," and not "house?"

We didn't pick this name to go along with the German trend of names just for kicks. During 2011, I lived in Munich, Germany for a year and learned the language, the culture and most importantly, how to print with a master printer and typographer Christa Schwarztrauber. As an apprentice in her print studio, the Fliegenkopf Werksttat, I learned  the traditional method of typesetting without computers and plates. It was 100% analog with only metal and wood type. 

To this day, I still try to keep my German language skills (it drives my husband crazy), and crave the German style beers and fine bread. 

More info about Christa and the Fliegenkopf Werkstatt: 


Me + Christa Schwarztrauben / Fliegenkopf Werkstatt / Munich, Germany

Me + Christa Schwarztrauben / Fliegenkopf Werkstatt / Munich, Germany

Fliegenkopf Werkstatt / Munich, Germany

Fliegenkopf Werkstatt / Munich, Germany


Why "haus" in the first place?

The house has been an epitome for the past few years. My husband and I are proud to have built our home from the ground up. It started as a tired 1930s bungalow and now has transformed into a one-of-a-kind parametric piece of architecture. We've moved half a dozen times during this build and now know plenty about construction and where to source all kinds of materials. Building a house is not for the faint of heart, but it reaps reward and fulfillment larger than the moon.

What kind of press do you use?

I have a Vandercook 4T, a Vandercook SP-15 and a Challenge 15 that is not yet up and printing. It's our most recent press that we're still cleaning up. On these 50+ year old presses, each sheet of paper is handfed one by one. It takes a little longer but I enjoy the involvement that each print requires.

Have more questions? Send me a note at info(at)presshausla.com