Individual Medley feature

My beloved friends at Individual Medley, a lifestyle store located just minutes from the studio, spent the afternoon with me to print a run of their hand-carved Thank You card. They watched  the process of letterpress printing from start to finish from cutting paper,  press setup,  inking and proofing.  The block was carved by Annika Bushman exclusively for IM and I was asked to see if it was at all possible to print with it on the press. Of course it will work! It's type high at .918 (nerdy printer talk).

Click below for more images + a Q&A.

Danke schön Monica + Crystal @ Individual Medley and to Stephanie for the amazing photos

Presshaus LA at MINI ReInvented

Last month right before Thanksgiving break we stepped out of the usual studio to be a part of an even hosted by MINI. They created a 2-day event at the Millwick in Downtown LA celebrating craftsmen as a part of the premiere for the all-new MINI Clubman.

Showcasing the craft of letterpress printing without bringing our 1400 pound press, we brought as much of our studio to the event. We packed up our ink, aprons, samples of letterpress printing, wood and metal type and even managed to lift our 100 year old and over 100 pound tabletop press.

We printed a few printed pieces including a postcard showing the different generations of MINI Clubmans and a tiny card for a luggage tag. Guests of the event we sending postcards directly from the event just to say a little hello via snail mail. By the end of event, we had a tall stack of postcards ready to be stamped and mailed out.

Big thanks to MINI and Campos Creative for having be a part of this!! We're so honored!
Check out more photos on the MINI website.

Satsuki Shibuya's business cards

We've slowed down on business cards in the studio lately, but recently we helped create some unique business cards that we can't help but share. Aiming for business cards that felt like an extension of herself, watercolor artist Satsuki Shibuya came to the studio looking for a solution to combine her artisty in her business cards.

We first thought of maybe painting on each card but that's too painstakingly time consuming. We also wanted to be mindful of the function of the card being careful to not obstruct contact information. The solution was to letterpress print her contact info and have the backside with her watercolor. A blind deboss of her name was the perfect mark with her watercolor.

We came up with the solution of creating large sheets of her watercolor and then cutting it down for letterpress printing. 

A large sheet of her watercolor before cutting

A large sheet of her watercolor before cutting

cut to smaller sheets

cut to smaller sheets

We mounted sheets of the watercolor painted sheets with GMUND's cotton stock in 111# and blind debossed on the watercolor side and letterpressed in black ink her information. The best part was yet to come. As we trimmed the card, each card created a special vignette of her watercolor. No two cards are completely alike and each one, in the end, was hand painted by Satsuki. These are worth framing!! 


When there's not enough time to letterpress print something, there might still be time to create something just as beautiful and effective. Last month we created these minimal cards for an intimate dinner hosted by ALC. gathering about a dozen influential women from different industries.
They needed some quick paper goods and within 2 days and we design and printed these cards to help set the tone for the event. They were printed digitally and we chose a paper stock called Plike which has a silk touch coating to help capture the tactile essence of a print.

The quote they chose says it all -

3.52 billion women in the world and here we are together